Antiques Back on the High Street ...

... but not as you know it!

Fancy a cup of tea?

Often seen as old fashioned and a bit stuffy, the traditional antiques shops in town centres had long been in decline even before the pandemic hit the High Street. With online antiques thriving during lockdown is there a future for antiques on the High Street?

During the last year antiques have been thriving online with social media platforms creating a whole new audience looking to find something sustainable and unique for their homes. There has been a merging of traditional antique dealers with vintage lovers and interior designers creating dynamic online communities. At Retrovation, we have moved much of our business online during lockdown and now have 100's of unique pieces available on our website. We also take part in "Virtual Fairs" online. Check out @virtualvintagefair and @salvagesundaysdealers on Instagram.

So as we approach the reopening of non essential shops, what does the future hold for antiques online and on the High Street?

On the High Street and on Instagram!

At Retrovation we envisage a dynamic new world where businesses that have become predominantly online such as Retrovation use street markets and pop up shops to take their products back to the High Street. We want to keep the convenience and accessibility of online shopping, but combine it with hands on and personal experience of a real fair

In the next month, Retrovation will be back on the High Street at both the St Albans and Chiswick High Street Antique Markets, but we will be merging the real world with our "Virtual Fair" experience learnt during lockdown. Our market stall will be shared online in real time allowing our followers to experience the market.

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