Antiques to You

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

At Retrovation, we are passionate about incorporating the old and beautiful in to modern interiors #weaddsoultointeirors. So we are launching "Antiques to You", a schedule of events to get Antiques out to new customers who want homes with unique interiors full of character.

The last year has seen an explosion of interest on platforms like Instagram and a whole new audience finding antiques and getting ideas to incorporate them in to their homes. We want to maintain this great initiative with continued online Virtual Fairs. But with the reopening of non essential retail, we will be combining this with on the ground town centre fairs to bring Antiques Back to the High Street.

Find below our schedule for the next month with our Salvage Sundays Virtual Fairs and on the High Street fairs at St Albans and Chiswick.

With "Antiques to You" we will be merging the virtual and physical worlds so that it won't be necessary to physically attend the on the ground fairs to take part. We want to take our all audience with us!

No need to leave your house!

So, you can buy any piece on our website and collect at the High Street fair ...

... and if you can't make the High Street Fair, or are isolating, the whole fair will be on Instagram and we offer free local delivery.

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