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In Search of The Fantastic Mr Fox

Updated: Aug 5

We always love to find out the history of a piece of furniture and there were lots of clues on the back of a pharmacy cabinet we purchased recently that set us off in search of a Mr Fox of St Albans.

The cabinet itself when viewed from the front is absolutely stunning with original mirrored back, glazed door and ebonised case.

It would look stunning as a bathroom cabinet or what about in a kitchen for display of your favourite crystal glasses?

But the real history is revealed by taking a look at the back ...

The rear of this Victorian cabinet is covered by receipts and records from its former life in a pharmacy at the end of the 19th Century.

The attached receipts and notes are absolutely fascinating and include hand writing ingredients list from the apothecary.

Many of the records are for F W Fox, dispensing chemists of Hatfield Road and Clarence Park in St Albans.

The St Albans records confirm that Frederick Fox occupied premises in both Hatfield Road and Clarence park from the end of the 19th Century until his retirement at some point in the 20th Century.

Originally in Hatfield Road, Mr Fox moved his pharmacy down to Alexandra House at Clarence Park in around 1903. We can only assume that the cabinet moved with him and possibly stayed for the new owners who continued to run a pharmacy at the premises.

The Fox pharmacies are now long gone and replaced by other shops, but the cabinet still remains along with its fascinating history.

A fabulous antique display cabinet full of charm and character!

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