Salvage Sundays Reboot

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

In the first lockdown, Drew Pritchard started doing lives on Sunday evening on Instagram to discuss common issues that dealers were facing and offer some support. Out of that, a number of dealers used the slot after the live to hold informal pop us fairs to show what they had found in the week. Many found this a useful outlet with normal fairs being closed. #salvagesundays was born.

Through the last year, many dealers have found that the importance of online selling has increased and, even when traditional fairs restart, online selling will still be an important channel. The great thing about selling through social media is that it is free and does not require a huge amount of effort to get up and running. However, it is easy to get lost when you are starting out or a small dealer.

The reboot of Salvage Sundays is to give a platform to small antique and vintage dealers to reach a wider audience on social media. Every Sunday evening, there will be a schedule of dealers posting. Each dealer will talk about each other and Drew will talk about what is happening. All of this will make the event and the dealers visible.

What's the catch? There is none. Everyone involved is involved to grow each other only. We do that by creating more noise together than we can alone. Imagine standing in a field alone with your stock trying to get attention vs 30 to 50 dealers in a field. The great thing about social media is the field is free!

How do I get involved? Just email or you can contact Dawn on instagram (@retrovation) who has volunteered to coordinate for now. The dealers involved and the schedule will be available on the instagram page @salvagesundaysdealers.

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