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Tactile Typewriters

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

We absolutely love typewriters here at Retrovation. Especially early examples with Japanned metal cases and gorgeous black or white glass keys. They really were the enabler of the books and magazines we have today. The first computer if you like. The famous actor Tom Hanks has even written a book of short stories where typewriters are a common theme.

There is something very tactile about using a typewriter. The sound of the bell, the feeling of the keys, the carriage mechanism, and the ­satisfaction of pulling a completed piece of paper out of the machine.

When we received a call late last year from a Swaffham Museum to buy ten different typewriters we jumped at the chance. Swaffham Museum is a small independent museum in Norfolk.

The collection of typewriters we have sourced range from the end of the 19th century to the 1950s. They include rare models and makers. We have really enjoyed researching and learning about all the different companies and models.#

This Woodstock model dates from around 1916, based on the patents on the reverse. This typewriter is one of the earliest of the Woodstock company which was founded in Woodstock in 1907. Their typewriters were well reviewed and known for their ease of use and quiet operation.

Remington typewriter dates from the turn of the century. This is a fantastic piece and is working and has a new ribbon. The japanned metal body has a lovely patina with original gilt writing to front and back. The white keys are mounted on brass and the return lever and fittings are brass too. A wonderful example of an early typewriter.

We have a ever changing range of typewriters available to buy on our website. Take a look at the category - Typewriters, Telephones & Cameras. Get in touch if you are looking for something specific. We would love to help.

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