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The Great Antiques Challege - Charlene's Brief

Updated: Feb 6

The Great Antiques Challenge featured Dawn's third challenge where She went head to head with Jon from Kestrel Antiques @kestrel_antiques to find a unique piece for Charlene to hang on her lounge wall. Aydon House is a stunning four-storey Victorian house in Warwick, dating back to 1845. Charlene and her husband have restored many of the original features of the house, since moving in several years ago.

The beautifully high ceilings, large windows and original fireplaces enhance the authentic beauty of the house. Charlene works full-time as a independent travel agent, but in her spare time, loves interiors and adding unique items to her family home.

Charlene was looking for a statment piece to sit above her sofa. The wall size was 3 m high and 2 m wide, so restrictive.

Dawn's new instantly that the piece needed to be mounted landscape. Charlene period home is of generous classic proportions. The piece Dawn wanted to find would encapsulate the current original features. Her moodboard is below:

Charlene had a healthy budget and Dawn was determined to find her a statement antique. Her interior eye is classic, elegant and timeless. The wall faces a large window, which can be seen from the road. A collection of art was a consideration but often Dawn finds art is very personal and subjective to the individual and difficult to source after just one meeting.

Dawn was drawned to a Regency period mirror to reflect the age of Charlene's house and current classic elegant decor. These mirrors are made from Gesso, a white plaster then painted in gilt. The gilt is always muted with a green base and never bright and blingy.

The example Dawn found had its original mercury glass and is bevelled. These mirrors were produced in small panels due to the glass tax which was first introduced in 1746.

Dawn felt that the mirror wasn't enough and decided to buy a pair of Corinthian collum table lamps with a stunning classic egg and dart style. She was able to do a deal with Karl from Skyes Place @skysplace who had a stall at the Decorative Home and Salvage Show held at Ripley Castle (

Dawn was absoulty thrilled to win the challenge and for Charlene to agree to buy the Regency gilt mirror. A wonderful period piece, perfect for Charlene's modern home to cherish and enjoy.

We have an ever changing collection of period mirrors for sale at Retrovation. Take a look at our 'Mirrors and Frames' category for our latest pieces.

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