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The Pottery Artist, Jessie Gentry

We were delighted recently to visit the estate of artist potter, Jessie Gentry. Born in 1932 and passed away earlier this year. Jessie learnt her pottery skills in Trinidad. This meant she has a distinct artistic flair and design in all the pieces she produced.

She was a District Commissioner of the Pointe-a Pierre region on the South-west coast of Trinidad.

A prolific maker, where nature, animals and birds were a regular theme. She exhibited often and was a active member of the West Street Potters in Farnham, Surrey.

She was also a active member in the Girl Guiding movement. Receiving the second highest award in Trinidad and Tobago, the silver sandbox .

This stunning molded relief collection uses nature as its influence. With soaring birds, and ram's head, animals were an enormous inspiration for Jessie.

With muted blues and greens they have a wonderful tone and texture. They have a stylistic retro feel which give them a modern contemporary design

These muted pieces are again of animals and have a wonderful design and texture. We just love then and have keep a few pieces for our own home!

We have several pieces in the collection of rabbits. Several are stylised such as the 'Rabbit with the orange eye'.

The blue collection included pieces with stylised trees and boat. The rabbit and moon example is just exquisite. With wonderful uplifting vibrant colours to add personality and spirit to any space.

The green range has a pair of panels with nesting birds, again drawing on influences in nature.

All these pieces have a lovely muted glaze and amazing texture. Beautiful items to incorporate into a

modern interior to add a burst of individualism and character.

Jessie was very current using texture in her pieces to produce unique contemporary items . The monochrome range have a lovely narrow colour palette to produce striking pieces that are timeless.

The whole range of almost thirty pieces are available to own and buy on our website. We do still have a few pieces to list.

Thanks for reading, Dawn x

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