Time for Sustainable Home Renovations

2022 is the year for having to wait to renovate your home. There is currently a supply crisis for kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings. Disruptions to global supply chains and new post Brexit customs charges have resulted in major problems with lead times and availability.

The unprecedented demand has had a knock on effect in most areas. The Home section of the Sunday Times on 9th January highlights the current problems in Lindsay Blair's article @lindsays_home. She quotes Halcyon Interiors of London who explain that "now we are quoting a lead time of up to 12 weeks minimum for carpentry".

Turning this on its head, could now be the perfect opportunity to make sustainable decisions with new house projects and renovations?

Why not mix old and new?

Many people are thinking about how they can incorporate antique furniture in to their projects; it's sustainable and gives these beautiful pieces a new life. Antique furniture are affordable and cost a fraction of the price it would cost to get a cabinet maker to make one for you. Antique and salvage pieces often have a history and a story which adds to their charm. Finally, they give a wonderful individuality to a space, making your home have personality and soul.

Here at Retrovation #weaddsoultointeriors by incorporating old antique pieces into modern homes. Old pieces are made by master craftsmen, often using hard woods including beautiful mahogany and oak. Storage solutions such as stacking bookcases and old shop fittings are perfect as larders or for displaying glassware.

Modern open plan kitchens can lack warmth. The tone and hue of old wood can really add depth and personality.

The current trend to install very few wall cupboards means a statement piece can be chosen. Look for adjustable shelves to display pulses and cooking staples. They can be a real talking point.

We have an ever changing selection of antique glass wall cabinets and old shop fittings available on the website.

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