Here for sale are a number of 1950 and 1960s Herbarium samples mounted in original salvaged museum display frames. Originally from a west country (Plymouth we believe) museum, these frames are stunning quality constructed from hardwood and have two panes of glass enclosed by a double sided frame. One side of the frame is screwed in place and can be removed to mount the item to be displayed between the glass panes. 

Price is per framed specimen. The actual samples will not be those shown in the photos as we have a selection. 


The frames have brass fittings so that they are hung from the wall. They do not have the original wall hanging brackets, so we have made wall brackets from brass plated cabinet corners so that the frames can hang as exhibition frames against or away from the wall. 



Shows signs of wear and tear as it is old and has been used, but only adds to its character. Great decorative item which would look fantastic in any home or business interior.

We are a family company and love sourcing unusual pieces which bring a burst of individual style to the most modern of interiors, creating interiors with soul!


54 cm width, 2.5 cm depth, 69 cm height

Herbarium Botanical Sample in Vintage Museum Display Frames With Brackets