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A Visit from the Dark Destroyer

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

We were thrilled to welcome Shaun Wallace from TV's The Chase together with antiques dealer Margie Cooper to the Retrobarn. The couple were filming the BBC's 'Antiques Road Trip' Celebrity Special. We had so much fun! The episode we are involved with is going out on BBC 2 on the 17th December at 5.50 pm. So tune in and see Dawn on camera. Its very exciting for our small business!

Shaun Wallace is a practicing Barrister and won Mastermind in 2004. He is know as 'The Dark Destroyer' on The Chase. Shaun did find something in our barn which was close to his heart (no spoilers)!

The production team from the were just fabulous and loved the Retrobarn. We are really looking forward to showing the Retrobarn in all its glory. Dawn may only be on camera for a few minutes but its the Retrobarn which shines.

One of the unique features of the Antiques Road Trip is the wonderful Classic Cars.

This 1970s two seater was just stunning. We even met the owner!

It is s fitting end to a wonderful year at Retrovation.

A big thank you to Shaun, Margie and the whole production team.

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