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Best Display Henley Decor Fair 2021 ...

It's always nice to set a goal and to achieve it.

We didn't set out to win the best display award, but by teaming up with Phil from Phil Taylor's Cool Stuff we wanted to create a showcase for Decorative Antiques and Unique Interiors. We share with Phil a passion for using antiques to create unique and stunning interiors.

Henley was a stunning event absolutely full of amazing stands with the highest quality pieces. We were surprised and humbled to receive the award whilst amongst these dealers who we have always looked up to and admired.

A big thank you to Gary and his team for organising the amazing event and to all of the people who came out and supported us. We had a fantastic time, met some great new contacts, sold and bought beautiful pieces and lost ourselves for 5 days in the wonderful crazy (and exhausting) world of Antiques!

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