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Climbing The Ladder

Updated: Jul 27

We often find pieces on our travels which are useful and old, but on a second inspection have hallmarks of its past life.

This library ladder made from gorgeous beech has its original leather cushion rest to the top.

It has an unusual feature where it's been hand carved with its previous owners name.

Our research indicate that this stunning ladder probably belonged to Frederick Alfred de Marwicz. Born in Germany in 1907, as Frederich Alfred Von der Marwitz, into a distinguished German noble and military family from Prussia.

His family changed the name to Marwicz when they moved to France and then to England. Frederick know as Frank, was educated in England, where he attended Cambridge.

Frank was an accomplished ice hockey player, who played for the GB national team in 1930 and 1934 world championships.

He accompanied his wife Baroness Diana Frances de Marwitz on The World Cruise between 1932 and 1933 leaving New York in December. With a movie theatre and opulent Turkish baths decorated in and marble silver, this a trip for the very rich.

This lovely library ladder has a wonderful history and you would have never guessed it was once owned by a Baron!.

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