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Considering a Free Standing 'Unfitted' Kitchen?

We often source and sell antique cabinets to be used in "unfitted" kitchens. Installing a new fitted kitchen is a big investment. What happens if you decide to move in five years time? Estate agents will tell you that kitchens are meant to add value, but most buyers will rip out a replace a kitchen. The unfitted kitchen is an attractive choice. The Victorians were ahead of the game and were keen to have free standing housekeeping and pantry cupboards.

Hand made by master craftsmen in REAL wood, many dressers, glazed cabinets and large banks of drawers can be incorporated into a modern kitchen.

We love sourcing old shop display cabinets which can be wall mounted or freestanding. Often made from English oak or maghogany, they are a wise storage option.

Kitchen Islands can be antique or vintage too . We have supplied plan chests and work benches to be used in the centre of a kitchen. Sustainable options to help zone a space.

We found this fabulous kitchen island in a restaurant. We think it would suit an open plan space. It is bespoke and has the most wonderful carved panels, marble top and under mounted belfast sink.

Adding just one piece to a kitchen refresh is easy and needs less trades to implement. They can really change the dynamics of a space.

There are no rules! Pieces can mixed and matched as your tastes evolve. Warm woods mixed with painted distressed pieces all work together.

We have an ever changing collection of wall and free standing cabinets to use in a sustainable home. Take a look at our latest collection below.

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