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'Genration Rent' is a term used to describe those young adults aged between 18 and 40, who have been priced out of the housing market. Renting for long periods is quite normal. According to Experian 36% of 21-35 year olds live in rented accommodation. This makes a big impact on choice of decor and interior. Which has been a catalyst for interiors to be more mobile and adaptable way of living.

Renting does not need to be dull and we all need to own our own space, right? We believe investing in some key pieces for your home can make all the difference. Painting walls and ripping out the kitchen may be off the cards (although many landords are happy with changing wall colours , just ask!). As spaces have become smaller, choosing pieces with simple clean lines help to make areas feel more open and functional.

We believe our hand picked collection of antique posters are the perfect solution.

They are easy to hang with either a small pin or 3M adhesive hooks. They cover large area of wall and look fabulous hung behind a sofa or bed, or on a stairwell.

Whether you love dragonflies, jellyfish or even worms, we may have the poster for you. Dating from the 1880s, each has a wonderful timeworm patina and have been used in an an education setting.

Renters who can optimise space, to support their social life, and professional success will create an enviorment of well being and happiness.

We have sourced a collection of nine different wall hangings. Take a look at our category 'Posters & Prints' for more details.

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