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Drew Hands Over Salvage Sundays

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Drew explained on his live why he started Salvage Sundays, how it has evolved and how he sees it moving forward as he moves on to his next "Massive Project". Check out the full recorded live on instagram:

Drew explained how Salvage Sundays was something that he imagined whilst riding his bike at the start of the pandemic amidst his frustration that nothing was being done to support the antiques trade during lockdown. Drew gave a round of applause to Dawn from Retrovation for revolutionising the concept and turning it in to "something wonderful". Salvage Sundays now has a group of more than 30 dealers and a programme of lives and social media running. It has a team pulled together from a broad church of experience with the whole group involved.

Drew explained how he now needs to step back from the week to week Salvage Sundays schedule and take a role supporting, promoting and helping. This is driven by his commitments to his next brain child which is democratising design; starting with giving really well designed furniture to people that is very affordable.

So Drew officially hands over Salvage Sundays to the people involved in it, with Dawn from Retrovation as the flag bearer.

Retrovation are proud to be part of Salvage Sundays moving forward and look forward to the next phase of this exciting initiative. Check out @salvagesundaysdealers for the latest news on Instagram.

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