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Fancy Grandma Chic

A new trend to hit the high street is 'Grandma Chic' or 'Grandmillennial'. Floral prints and blue and white pieces are back in fashion, yippee!. Staged with needlework panels and antique wooden furniture to create a warm cosy atmosphere. A sustainable considered interior is at the heart of this look.

Granny chic embodies the concept of being totally you, comfortable in your own space. As it mixes traditional and modern pieces, this trend creates a design style that exudes eccentricity and effortless formality.

Mixing old and new has always been our mantra here at Retrovation. We mirror this in our own home with charity shop, hight street and auction pieces used on a daily basis.

This trend comes hand-in-hand with the growing interest that technology-savvy millennials have in needlepointing, knitting craft as a way to disconnect. Similarly, it complements the need to live a slower, simpler, and more mindful life.

Display your grandma’s old tea sets, and blue and white chinoiserie ceramics. Adding faux flowers or green plants to breathe new life and add a pop of colour to an interior. Florals are also a great way to extend into fabrics or prints to create a cohesive look.

Wedgwood has reimagined its iconic duck egg blue Jasperwear with the help of menswear designer Charles Jeffrey.

Pencil Porcelain have launched a new range of blue and white pieces designed by Jenny Dyson. The range is fun and crazy. It includes different retro images from Aliens to cheeseburgers. What do you think?

The trend to collect and collate pieces from our childhood is not new. When it comes to our home, choosing sustainable pieces that can be used everyday to create a smile and be enjoyed is key. We love using old Victorian crockery on a daily basis as it adds so much charm to an ordinary table.

The trend includes antique oil paintings and gesso gilt mirrors to add a focal point to a modern room. When it comes to choosing furniture, add a touch of traditional aesthetics through a classic sofa with rolled arms, a regal armchair, or a wrought-iron bed. Soften it with layers of textile and add rattan and wicker to complete the look. This will enhance your space and create a laid back elegance.

As the trend looks to be growing we have flung open our cupboards and have decided to part with some of our favourite finds. While for a previous generation these pieces were only used for high days and holidays, the pieces we have available are to be used daily, enjoyed and cherished.

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