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Using Herbarium Botanical Samples as wall hangings to "add soul to an interior"

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

At Retrovation we believe that mixing old and new in an interior space adds soul and personality, providing a stamp of individuality. Antique Herbarium Botanical Samples are perfect for this with everything that we love; they are mementos of exploration, they are beautiful and are full of history.

So what is a Herbarium (plural Herbaria)? They are a collection of plant specimens with notes about the plant and where it was collected for scientific purposes. It was important to collect and catalogue each part of the plant. The origins of collecting botanical samples go back hundreds of years, becoming increasingly popular in the 19th century with the Victorians obsession with cataloging the natural world. These elaborate pressed flowers have been cherished by the collector, with hand written details and beautiful presentation on original antique paper.

Herbarium Book

At Retrovation, we have sourced a number of these fabulous Herbarium sample pages (the books are increasingly being divided up and sold individually). To incorporate in to a interior space with maximum impact, we have created wall hangings by mounting the samples in stunning original museum exhibition frames. These frames were sourced from Plymouth museum and we believe they are a perfect marriage.

Herbarium Samples in Museum Display Frames

Herbarium sample data

Want to learn more about Herbarium, check out this great post from Botanical Art and Artists

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