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Step in to the Admiral's Library

Please join us in the Admiral's Library!

Inside the drawer of this lovely reading table is the name 'Sir Richard Hussey Bickerton'. This famous British Naval Officer was born in 1759 with his first command in 1774. By the Napoleonic wars Bickerton was in the Mediterranean as second in command to Lord Nelson.

After the war and back in Britain, Bickerton was made Commander in Chief in 1812 and was appointed as Knight Commander of the order of Bath.

We have staged the Admiral's library with his reading table with what we imagine his favourite books on 'The Sea', written by explorer Frederick Whymper. Here he would have written and made plans, all in comfortable library chair, such as this horseshoe shaped example.

Bickerton started to adopt his mother's maiden name ahead of his surname in around 1820 so he was using the table around this time.

This was the Regency period, during the sickness of George III when his son (the later George IV) was acting as prince Regent.

Bickerton was a Conservative member of parliament for Poole in 1808. He died in 1832 and has a memorial in Bath Abbey.

This is a exquisite piece of English furniture, made from mahogany and classical Regency hand crafted details. This adjustable table with all its history of its original owner, is an

important and really rare piece.

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