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The Great Antiques Challenge!

Updated: Sep 16

I'm super excited to share with you my journey to be one of the dealers in a new television programme; The Great Antiques Challenge. I filmed the whole series over six weeks in September and October 2022. The first programme lands on Monday 18th September at 9pm on the Really channel. The series lasts for 8 weeks.

Each episode, two dealers go head to head to source a unique item to a specific brief. I was given five briefs and four days were set aside with the camera team to hunt for all the pieces. All of us were spending our own money which added a compelling competiton element that comes with genuine jeopardy.

I drew on all my antique, salvage and vintage network of dealers that I have built up over the last 10 years of running Retrovation. I visited emporiums and independent shops and visted on the ground fairs to tap into the many dealers who exhibit there. It was hard work but I enjoyed every miniute. Sourcing is something I do every day, whether for a client or for pieces I love to photograph for my online shop.

I have written a blog about each brief and how I found each piece. Keep an eye out for each blog as they are released each week as the show progresses.

Thank you for your love and support, and hope you enjoy watching the show!

Love Dawn x

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