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Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Thomas Tomkison of London were one of the most renowned piano makers in London in the early 19th Century. Thomas Tomkison began his apprenticeship in 1778 and by 1800 was a serious competitor to the existing piano makers in London. He died in 1853. Tomkison's instruments were famous for their beautiful construction as well as their excellent sound.

It is the stunning craftmanship and superior quality of the materials that can be seen in a recent find. It is a conversion of a Thomas Tomkinson piano in to a fabulous and rare desk.

We don't know when the conversion was carried out, but it is wonderful and in keeping with the piece.

We assume the conversion took place at the end of the 19th Century or early 20th Century.

The upright piano itself is constructed from fine inlaid mahogany with wonderful Ormolu surround to the back upright.

The sunken handle to the front is pulled to reveal a leather tooled insert writing desk . The original fret work to the sides and and pull out desk mechanism is just great.

Tomkison held a Royal Warrant and operated from Dean Street Soho between 1799 and 1851. He really was a master craftsmen and this upright example would have been extremely expensive to buy in its day.

The back has shelves fitted to form a really useful bookcase. The inlaid decoration is just stunning!

The original piano dates from the 1820's.

This conversion is a real conversation starter. A wonderful addition to any modern home to add soul and character to an interior.

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