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Retrovation & Salvage Sundays Dealers feature in The Times

Jenny Coad was kind enough to feature Salvage Sunday Dealers and Retrovation in her fantastic article in the Times "How to buy Antique Furniture and Homeware on Instagram".

Jenny Coad's The Times Article (online version)

Jenny interviewed Rob from Nook Antiques who is one of the original participants in Salvage Sundays and a number of dealers, including Retrovation, got a mention. Specifically highlighted was Retrovation's "Intriguing 1920's Gledhill Shop Till" and the shoe lasts we had on display.

Retrovation's shop theme got a mention in the Times article

The article is a fantastic boost for the Salvage Sundays Dealers. This initiative, started by Drew Pritchard during lockdown last year, is an opportunity for Antiques Dealers to get to a wider audience through social medial as traditional outlets such as shops and fairs remain closed. It is part of a growing trend for "Virtual Fairs" and is currently made up of over 30 dealers; wholly run by the dealers. We are delighted to be at the heart of this endeavour. Dawn from Retrovation is working closely with Drew Pritchard to continue to develop Salvage Sundays with lots of new initiatives on the horizon. Check out the live chat on Salvage Sundays with Dawn chatting with Drew on the future direction of Salvage Sundays

Dawn on the Drew Pritchard Salvage Sundays Live

What excites Retrovation about Salvage Sundays is the opportunity to grow and be part of a community where we can support each other, all benefit from what we build and feel part of something that is bigger than ourselves.

For information on all of the dealers who are part of Salvage Sundays and to get the schedule for the upcoming Sunday, head to @salvagesundaysdealers on Instagram.

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1 Comment

Wonderful publicity and well deserved, Dawn

Love from Elizabeth (Bridget's Mum)

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